Personal Training, Nordic Walking, and Snow Shoeing


About Me

I have made personal fitness a part of my daily life for over 35 years.
My family was always physically active and we were introduced to numerous activities and sports. I have always enjoyed working with people and teaching so it was not surprising that I graduated with a physical education degree and started teaching high school Phys. Ed.
I have always loved running, so that also became a daily part of my life.
We moved to Collingwood 18 years ago and absolutely love it. I think that we are very fortunate to live in a town that is so close to the ski hills, the biking and hiking trails, golf courses, great lakes and bays for windsurfing, sailing and fishing.
I finished my teaching career in the elementary school panel two years ago. In between those years, I started my own fitness business and taught fitness classes for over 10 years.
Since retiring from teaching, I went back to school, so to speak, and became certified as a personal trainer and also as an older adult specialist. It has been a pleasure for me to work with several individuals in the area for the past 2 years - evaluating and planning their fitness program based on their individual goals.
I understand the difficulty most of us have finding time to make fitness a part of our daily routines. Combine that with the fact that many of us are also reluctant to go to a gym and the resistance level increases.
I have many new and easily transported tools that will help anyone no matter what their fitness level. The important thing is to get started. I can help you do that and also motivate you to stick with an exercise program. Exercise MUST become a part of your daily routine and be easy enough that you can complete a set of exercises in a reasonable length of time.