Personal Training, Nordic Walking, and Snow Shoeing

Typical Programs Collingwood Area

More than just a walk. A Total Body Workout!
    Date                                     Time                                                             Description
  Tuesday                                9:15 am              GentleA gentle workout on flat terrain for those wishing to get started and walk 
    April 13- June 1                                                           at a slower pace. Also great for seniors or for those rehabilitating an injury.
  Wednesday                           4:30 pm             BBC (Butt, Balance and Core) Nordic Walking– This Nordic Walking class 
    April 14 - June 2                                                         has short intervals of BBC exercises which are placed in the beginning,  
                                                                                        middle and near the end of the class.  The use of hills, different speeds, 
                                                                                        tubing and variety of poling action all help to make this class not only 
                                                                                        challenging but fun. Great for anyone who is intermediate to advanced in 
                                                                                        their fitness level.

$80 FOR 8 WEEK PROGRAM (no poles)  $70 with poles
$12 per day for drop-ins
Bring a friend and your session is half off!
Call Patti @ 444-9272 to reserve your spot.